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Batch Freezer Pasteuriser Combo

These efficiently designed machines combine the two major production processes into one compact machine. Product can be heated or pasteurised in the upper section of the unit before being transferred via the sanitary valve into the lower freezing section. The batch freezer   section incorporates the same patented scrape-surface blender to produce smooth, premium ice cream. The easy to use electronic controller with 4 built in programmable parameters make it the perfect tool for both daily operation and development of new

Batch Freezer Pasteuriser Combo: Text
Batch Freezer Pasteuriser Combo: Image


  • Heating and cooling cylinders are connected by a sanitary valve for transferring product.

  • Various cylinder capacity options available to meet the needs of different operations.

  • Sanitation and safety approved to Australian Standards.

  • Large colour touch screen controller with easily selectable production control parameters

  • Accurate temperature control adjustment

  • Easily repeat recipes with adjustable settings controlling texture and viscosity.

  • Real time information feedback throughout the production process.

  • Multiple safety devices ensure the safety of users and machines.

  • Blender and cylinder door can be easily disassembled for fast and convenient cleaning.

  • Build in hand-held rinsing water spigot to speed up cleaning and production.

Batch Freezer Pasteuriser Combo: Text
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Batch Freezer Pasteuriser Combo: Image
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