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Mix Boilers

For the owner who doesn‘t have a pasteurization machine, this is an ideal alternative one with a low running cost but still can achieve good quality ice cream or gelato product. It’s a very helpful machine, the chef can prepare the materials such as base powder, sugar and various materials according to a recipe, then simply put them into this machine for processing. It’s an economic and compact machine that is particularly suitable for job that requires constant high-temperature heating and continuous mixing. Built-in soft-cooking system can achieve continuous high-temperature heating and insulation without harm the products.

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  • Various capacity optional, 10,15,20 liters available.

  • Big blender and slowly agitation, can deal with heavy mix.

  • Soft-cooking technology, ensure a good quality production.

  • It can cook the product and also holding the temperature.

  • Digital controls and auto running.

  • Auto stop after the mix tank cover open. Convenient and ensure the safety.

  • It can be put onto a batch freezer and work together efficiently.

  • Very low running cost.

Mix Boilers: Text
Mix Boilers: Image
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