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Blast Freezers

The Mehen blast freezer is the result of 20 years of experience in refrigeration engineering. The blast freezer is perfect for ice cream and gelato, and all other multipurpose freezing. It uses advanced evaporative cooling to shock-freeze gelato to prevent ice build-up, preserve any food item’s original texture, and hygienically stop bacteria growth with super-fast performance.

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  • 36L, 122L, 241L, 342L, 425L, 703L, 1061L capacity options available

  • Stainless steel frame interior/exterior.

  • Integral foam insulation door with electric heating.

  • Digital temperature controller with defrost option and digital display.

  • Temperature Range 0 ̊C to -39 ̊C.

  • Auto switch turns off fans when doors open to avoid temperature loss.

  • Pierceable sensor probes, detecting the central temperature of product.

  • Fan and extended evaporator coil eliminate ice build up on interior walls.

  • Fin coil and forced air evaporator coil result in faster performance.

  • Adjustable shelves with easy access

  • Heated drain pan dissipates condensation - no plumbing required.

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