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The Mehen range of professional pasteurisers enable ice cream chefs to produce an endless variety of delicious flavour mixes. The high speed shear mixer assist break down large particles in conjunction with the heating and cooling process. The electronic controller has 9 built in programs and a further 11 customisable programs for individual needs. Stable, reliable and accurate control of temperature parameters ensure the repeatability and consistency of your recipes

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  • ​Various capacity cylinder options available to meet the needs of different operations.

  • Sanitation and safety approved to Australian Standards.

  • Patented blender ensures a smooth product.

  • Large colour touch screen controller with 9 standard and 11 customisable programs.

  • Auto-recovery function in case of power failure to ensure minimal product loss.

  • Multiple safety devices ensure the safety of users and machines.

  • Blender and cylinder door can be easily disassembled for fast and convenient cleaning.

  • Built in hand-held rinsing water spigot to speed up cleaning and production.

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