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Gelato Carts

The MEHEN gelato cart is a mobile freezer unit that has traditional style with modern components it is high quality . It can be easily transported and positioned to attract customers with it’s retro romantic style that is fully customizable. With an advanced French engineered cooler and expansion valve, the MEHEN gelato cart delivers precise temperatures in unmatched performance.

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  • Various 4, 6, 8, 10 container cart size options available 

  • Easy mobile design

  • 3L barrels can be placed 

  • Digital temperature controller 

  • French engineered compressor is efficient, silent and steady

  • Expansion valve provides accurate temperature control and decreases compressor run-time

  • Fin coil and forced air evaporator coil result in faster performance.

  • All components used are ISO9001 approved; the highest quality grade materials

Gelato Carts: Text
Gelato Carts: Image
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