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Pozzetti Gelato Cases

The MEHEN Pozzetti gelato showcase presents ice-cream/gelato in a classic Italian retro fashion. Cylinder containers are displayed in beautiful uniformity, and the French cooling compressor ensures reliability and temperature accuracy . Combined with over 20 years of MEHEN product engineering, the MEHEN Pozzetti showcase keeps ice-cream/gelato cooled even under hot temperature climate conditions. Customizable to suit you and your business.

Pozzetti Gelato Cases: Text
Pozzetti Gelato Cases: Image


  • 6L or 2x3L barrels for storage with 4, 6, 8 and 10 barrel options available 

  • French engineered compressor is efficient, silent and steady

  • Top panel material: marble or stainless steel options available .

  • Side panel material: stainless steel or wooden options available.

  • Digital temperature controller with Temperature Range 0˚C to -25˚C.

  • LED lighting 

  • Fin coil and forced air evaporator coil result in faster performance

  • Expansion valve provides accurate temperature control and decreases compressor run-time

  • All components used are ISO9001 approved; the highest quality grade materials. 

Pozzetti Gelato Cases: Text
Pozzetti Gelato Cases: Image
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